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Female Sales

Uppin' the Ante


Cornerview Charolais is proud to belong to a group of forward-thinking Ontario Charolais breeders who got together more than a decade ago to form the Uppin' the Ante (UTA) Breeders Group. The group hosts an annual sale of handpicked, quality females each fall in Hanover, Ontario. 

We skipped the 2023 sale to do a bit of a regroup on the female side, but we're looking forward to participating again in 2024 with some 

UTA 2022
THANK YOU to everyone who supported the UTA sale and especially those who purchased our consignments this year
- a strong set of females that should go on to do good things for their new owners!
• Saunders Charolais, ON  • Steppler Farms, MB  • KAY-R Charolais, AB  • Annuroc Charolais, ON  • Daniel Oulton, NS
Thank you to all of our past bidders and buyers!
UTA 2020

BCN 1G - CFL Cattle  (SK)

BRT 12G - CFL Cattle (SK)

BCN 45G - CFL Cattle  (SK)

BRT 52G - CFL Cattle  (SK)

BRT 6H - Reese Agri Holdings (AB)

BRT 32H - Kevin Krakar (ON)

BCN 9H - Lone Spruce Charolais (ON)

BCN 37H - Lone Spruce Charolais (ON)

2019 National Charolais Sale

Pick of the 2019 Heifer Calves - Wrangler Charolais (AB)

UTA 2019

BRT 6G - Tim MacDonald

BRT 7F - Moyer Cattle Co.

BCN 13F - Lone Spruce Charolais

BCN 4G - Wrangler Charolais (AB)

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